Pallet Kitchen Counter with Breakfast Table

Pallet Kitchen Counter with Breakfast Table & Storage

Counters are the soul of any kitchen as without them the kitchens are totally meaningless and worthless. And with pallets you can shape up a wooden counter of your won in your kitchen area thus saving a big fortune over the professional ones. You don’t have to experience any hassle, from the gain of pallets to the making of your kitchen counter all is nice and easy to practice yourself. And to show you and awesome sample we have this wood pallet kitchen counter with storage & breakfast table with us. Just grab some pallets lying down dead in your surroundings or you can order them to be dropped at your door step.

Dismantle the pallets and the cut down custom size plank pieces out of it. Then follow up the structure and start building this lovely and simple kitchen counter with simple stacking method using nails and screws. There are storage shelves for food items and crockery and a cute small attached breakfast table with stools adding more practical applications to your kitchen and the counter.

Pallet Kitchen

The counter has been stained in rustic brown with some coffee cards displayed as embellishing to make your kitchen look natural and warm.

Pallet Decorative Wall Shelf

Wood Pallet Decorative Wall Shelf / Spice Rack

One can even do amazing works with pallets to bring a decorative vibe to his interior spaces! The very first things to do in this case it to build the custom decor units or display shelves with pallets! We would like to share this wooden pallet decorative wall shelf or spice rack in this case which can perform in multiple different ways at the same time! Side borders of this rustic wooden shelving unit are made of separated pallet stringers cut down to size!

All the shelving levels are actually the nicely inserted single pallet planks! This is what the construction is all about! So you can dismantle one or more pallets to get the necessary wooden lengths to clone this beautiful multi-functional wall display unit! It can be mounted on a bathroom wall as a shelf of toiletries and it will also make a highly functional spice rack in your kitchen! Moreover, one can just transfer it to any living room wall shelf to display the art and craft items!

recycled pallet decorative wall shelves or spice rack

Wooden Pallet Wall Cabinet

Wooden Pallet Wall Cabinet

Our main target are always the cabinets when we just wish to declutter our interior environments! If the messy and untidy piles of home accessories are also serious headache to you then time to think about some smart storage solutions! Reach inexpensively the adorable storage units by going with the pallet wood medium! Let this wood pallet cabinet explain it more to you! This is here the very basic storage unit to make with pallets in just 10 to 20 minutes!

You can build a lot more storage units like storage racks, wooden trunks and custom shelving schemes to smartly organizing the messy collection of things! This open face wall cabinet may come in handy to organize all from clothes to most used home accessories and also the spice jars in your kitchen! You can also make it a part of your bathroom interior to showcase nicely the bathroom stuff! Get some pallets and just clone this bizarre wall cabinet now!

recycled pallet open face wall cabinet

Wooden Pallet Coat Rack

Wooden Pallet Coat Rack

We often need custom organizers or wall hooks mostly on a hallway or entryway wall to satisfy our immediate storage needs! Organizing your keys and hanging your coats, scarves, ties, and hand bags after back to home from office or shopping, demand for custom wall hooks and organizers! Sometime we need a lot of money to buy such a instant wall organizers but you can save your money by going with the DIY solutions!

By recycling the old wood pallets, you can build this wood pallet coat rack in just couple of minutes and it would cost you nothing big! Arrange few of slats to build the stable wooden body of the rack along with a top shelf and then just add hardware hooks one by one! Increase the number of hooks or use the double sided hooks to maximize the hanging space! After a neat assortments of hardware hooks and a throughout sanding, the coat rack would all be ready to shift to any targeted wall area!

reclaimed pallet coat rack and shelf

Creamy Arched Pallet Shelving Unit

Creamy Arched Pallet Shelving Unit

Everyone just tries his best to sort out the perfect ways to display his own favorite crafts and items of interest! Wall shelving units are liked the most in this case but sometime the industrial or manufactured shelving units not fit best to your custom wall spaces or areas! So you can give a try to pallets to build all special shelving display units in custom dimension just like this DIY creamy arched pallet shelving unit which is not less than a big achievement!

Arched look with enchant all onlookers and would bring an artistic vibe to entire wall area! This handmade pallet display unit comes with 3 shelves that are open and finely built! One can grab this precious wall shelving unit to spice up any room appearance like that of kitchen, bathroom and also of the living room! Finally, the entire unit has been finished with creamy eggshell paint for a more delicious and attractive appeal! Go with your smart brain and discover a lot more useful stuff from pallets!

recycled pallet arched shelving unit

White Painted Pallet Bookcase

White Painted Pallet Bookcase

We are continue to bring the extra smart pallet stuff for you! This time we want to see you organized especially in the living room! Just to make you do so, we have brought here this DIY pallet bookcase as a pleasing gift for you! Neither it is expensive nor it is difficult to build, so there is no hurdle in your way that can stop you from getting this highly needed piece of interior furniture! All you need to own some pallets and then you can simply separate them into individual lengths!

Straight wooden lengths are what here that will make the construction done just with a blink of eyes! Integrate the slats to build a box equal to your bookcase dimensions! Now simply insert shelves to this pallet-made box and enjoy a precious wooden bookcase for free! It will come in handy to display nicely the living room decors along with a neat storage of books you like to read in spare time! Go with paint and get the personal final look!

reclaimed pallet bookcase