Wooden Pallet Entryway Shoe Rack

The entrance of the house should be well managed, decorated, furnished and functional too so that it offers more than a welcoming look to all the visitors. An entryway table is the life line of the foyer of the house and if you get the right piece you can store, organize and display your stuff or shoes on it and thus awarding it an accomplished look. Using the pallets you can shape up this wooden pallet entryway shoe rack which comes with five tiers of shelves and thus fulfilling all your needs and demands with lots of space. The photo frames, vases, artifacts, shoes can be displayed on the top, baskets can be stow in the middle section and shoes can be housed in the base shelf.

Using the pallet cut board pieces you can easily install this lovely and immense functional entryway table of your own. Rustic coffee hue stain gives it a really natural and warming look to bring some traditional decor vibes in your front spaces.

Pallet Entryway Shoe Rack

pallet entryway table

wooden pallet entryway table

awesome pallet entryway table

diy pallet entryway tableMade by: LooneyBinTradingCo You can also get one.

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