Pallet Kitchen Counter with Breakfast Table & Storage

Counters are the soul of any kitchen as without them the kitchens are totally meaningless and worthless. And with pallets you can shape up a wooden counter of your won in your kitchen area thus saving a big fortune over the professional ones. You don’t have to experience any hassle, from the gain of pallets to the making of your kitchen counter all is nice and easy to practice yourself. And to show you and awesome sample we have this wood pallet kitchen counter with storage & breakfast table with us. Just grab some pallets lying down dead in your surroundings or you can order them to be dropped at your door step.

Dismantle the pallets and the cut down custom size plank pieces out of it. Then follow up the structure and start building this lovely and simple kitchen counter with simple stacking method using nails and screws. There are storage shelves for food items and crockery and a cute small attached breakfast table with stools adding more practical applications to your kitchen and the counter.

Pallet Kitchen

The counter has been stained in rustic brown with some coffee cards displayed as embellishing to make your kitchen look natural and warm.

diy pallet kitchen cabinet

Get this lovely and utterly functional kitchen counter for your cooking area from pallets to let it make rustic style statements.

wooden pallet kitchen cabinet

Not only the counter top to let you manage your kitchen tasks but also storage shelf cabinets to hold a bunch of your stuff.

self made pallet kitchen counter

You can see clearly how the whole structure of this lovely kitchen counter has been made up from the pallet cut slat pieces.

handmade pallet kitchen counter

There is a small and cute attached breakfast table with stools built along the counter end so that you can eat in kitchen in the morning.

pallet kitchen cabinet

The stools can be hide under the breakfast table top when finished eating and thus taking as less space as possible and would be a great idea for compact kitchens.

awesome pallet kitchen counter

It can be stained in any of the hues but it looks at its best in this natural woody look with utmost rustic appeal.

Made by: Esprit Loft Recup

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