Wood Pallet Shoe Rack

Wood Pallet Shoe Rack

Shoes are tiny but can really damage the pristine image of your house or the specific homey sections but don’t worry we have a cost free solution to this. Enhance the neatness of your bedroom or entryway space with the pallets by making this simple yet functional DIY pallet shoe rack. This shoe rack is some easy to make that even the beginners can go very good with it. All you need to do is just collect some pallets and then dismantle them to get the separated pallet slat or plank pieces. Just nail together these slats and start building the shoe rack with base and sides first.

Then stack the pallet pieces and make the build in shelves which are three here but you can increase or decrease this number per your choices. Slippers, joggers, office shoes etc you can arrange and organize all your footwear quite in order on this shoe rack and approach easily at the time of need. It looks rustic and natural in that light wood stain and you can stain it per your decor demands too. We have also published on 300+ Pallet Ideas and Easy Pallet Projects You Can Try post on  you should really try all these for your home.

diy pallet shoe rack

Pallet Decorative Wall Shelf

Wood Pallet Decorative Wall Shelf / Spice Rack

One can even do amazing works with pallets to bring a decorative vibe to his interior spaces! The very first things to do in this case it to build the custom decor units or display shelves with pallets! We would like to share this wooden pallet decorative wall shelf or spice rack in this case which can perform in multiple different ways at the same time! Side borders of this rustic wooden shelving unit are made of separated pallet stringers cut down to size!

All the shelving levels are actually the nicely inserted single pallet planks! This is what the construction is all about! So you can dismantle one or more pallets to get the necessary wooden lengths to clone this beautiful multi-functional wall display unit! It can be mounted on a bathroom wall as a shelf of toiletries and it will also make a highly functional spice rack in your kitchen! Moreover, one can just transfer it to any living room wall shelf to display the art and craft items!

recycled pallet decorative wall shelves or spice rack