Repurposed Pallet Ideas & Wooden Pallet Projects

We all have a dream to get our home sweet home well decorated and styled by staying in our budget limits. Most of us especially the ladies save their money for a couple of months to get their favorite decoration piece or the furniture item. But with pallets you don’t have to wait to collect the money for months and get your wish fulfilled. You can use recycled pallets and get your long desired pallet furniture and decor pieces nicely crafted at home no matter what type and design they have. Coffee tables, shelves, wall arts etc you can have them all from the re-purposed pallets and that too costing too less.

And to show some of the gorgeously and simply made pallet homey creations we have some examples to show and inspire you. So check out these DIY pallet ideas and pallet projects to rock your home with some awesome decor possessions and regulate with amazing furniture additions. All the listed things below are handmade at home and thus give you enormous confidence to be built of your own.

Pallet Ideas

Pallet Coffee tables, TV stands for living, warming art pieces for the walls, beautiful planters for indoor and outdoor walls and much more is waiting down here to get your kind gaze on them. So do browse the all pallet projects to know which piece is handy for you to make at home and be a part of your home forever.

Pallet Lovely TV Stand

pallet made tv stand

wooden pallet made tv stand

This small and cute media storage table has been feasibly built from the pallets to suit the compact and then stained in the lovely blue hues making it look too cute to handle.

Made by Bruno Ducruet

Awesome Pallet Box Shelf Unit:

wooden pallet shelf boxes

pallet storage shelf boxes

These zig zag box style shelves are damn cute to built and use in any home sections for the organization of books, decor stuff and other such knick knack stuff.

Made by Joh Anna

Shelf Style Pallet Media Table:

wooden pallet storage shelf boxes

Using the pallet cut slat pieces different sized geometric shaped box shelves have been created and then joined together to from a nice and unique media table.

Cute and Simple Pallet Coffee Table Design:

pallet made coffee table

wooden pallet coffee table

This coffee table is damn easy to build from the pallets just remove some pallet slat sections from the base of a skid and this coffee table is ready. or used the slats to form the top and blocks as the legs.

Rustic Pallet Coffee Table:

wooden pallet coffee table

diy pallet coffee table

This simplest design of the coffee table is damn easy to create from the pallets of your own and its that sheer rustic look is the result of heat treatment making it look damn gorgeous.

Made by Didier Terano

Pallet Wall Art with Quote:

cute pallet wall art

Just stack some small size pallet pieces together and write this lovely pallet quote and a fabulous wall art piece is ready to get displayed on the walls.

Made by Hollands Rustic Creations

Lovely Pallet Wall Art For Porch:

wooden pallet wall part

Porches are great to have a swing there and this lovely wall art piece with swing image and quote would suit this area the most.

Made by Hollands Rustic Creations

Gorgeous Pallet Monograms:

cute pallet monogram

cute pallet monogram art

You can use the pallet scrap pieces and make such fun frames with your name initials in the centers and a perfect decor for the tables, mantles or walls is ready.

Made by Gabe Crutchfield

Pallet Vertical Fruit Planter with Names:

cute pallet wall planter

This lovely vertical planters is easily made from the cross stacking of the pallet slats together to hold your favorite fruit plants in them with their names written  on each holding rack.

Made by Carlos Edo

Pallet Vertical Planters for Garden Wall:

wooden pallet vertical planters

Enhance the beauty, charm and decor of your outdoor space specifically the garden with these lovely and exclusive wall mounted vertical planter painted in enchanting hues of the stain.

Made by Eh! Pale

Cute Pallet Garden Wishing Well:

wooden pallet wishing well

if you are looking for a nice piece of decor in your outdoor decor than this wishing well from pallets is the best choice to work upon.

Made by Fred Overstreet‎

Grey Stained Pallet Headboard Design:

simple pallet headbaord

wooden pallet headbaord

Stacking the pallets together this simple yet classy designed headboard piece has been easily yielded with grey stain to make an impressive background of your bed.

Made by Hollands Rustic Creations

Wooden Pallet Fireplace:

pallet made fireplace with mantle shelf

Make your fireplace fanciful with this lovely pallet wood work with the pallet slat stacking with a shelf or mantle on the top to display some of your decor stuff on.

Beautiful Pallet Table Decor:

lovely pallet decor

This is something really wow from the pallets for the decor of the house made from pallet scrap pieces to hold flower jars and vases and a side hook to hold the bottle opener.

Rustic Pallet Gorgeous Coffee Mug Holder:

rustic pallet coffee mug holder

This is one of the stand out coffee mug holders you ever saw with morning mugs to be hold on the left side hooks and night ones on the right side build slotted rack.

Made by Hollands Rustic Creations

4 Tiered Pallet Shelf Design:

cute pallet shelf unit

Books, toys, frames and other such knick knack stuff store and organize it all with this four tiered pallet made shelf unit.

Made by Recycle Me Creations

Gorgeous Pallet Cabinet for Storage:

lovely pallet storage cabinet

This small and cute looking cabinet can be used for media storage, beverage storage and for kitchen storage made damn easily from the pallets with that ravishing grey stain all over.

Stylish Coffee Table with Metal Legs:

stylish pallet coffee table

Use a pallet double face skid as the top and four metal pieces as the legs and this utterly simple and stylish coffee table is ready to rock your living room spaces.

Made by Joh Anna

Rustic Pallet Dog House:

handmade pallet dog house

diy pallet dog house

The whole structure of this lovely dog house has been built with the cut out pallet slat pieces of different sizes with a hut style design and would be so feasible to go handy with.

Made by Rudy Brien

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