Pallet Headboard

The Winter’s Sun Rustic Pallet Headboard

Seeing the rising sun is the best way to enjoy the morning! However, there are many people among us who do not live in the areas where nature looks so close, like living among the mountains and in the village! In the populated big cities, it is too difficult to enjoy the sun rise with its pure natural sensation! But you can now enjoy the faux sunrise in your bedroom that would be very close to real! Feel a happy good morning by seeing this winter’s sun rustic pallet headboard in your bedroom!

The real pallet furniture and inspiration for the nature lovers! Try this entire headboard or buy from Lost Lake Photography with pure natural statements of decors, by playing creatively with slats of pallets! Show semi pallet-made circle as sun and the custom cut long pallets around it as sun rays! Here dark stained and white painted pallet slats have been used to mimic the beautiful sun rays! Final step would the accent side trimming, just put a stable and thick border around your entire sun-rise headboard and enjoy!

reclaimed pallet sunrise rustic headboard

Unique Wooden Pallet Dresser

Unique Wooden Pallet Dresser

A man can’t stop loving the nature as it is natural for all human beings to do so! The sun, mountains, oceans and trees all make the pure natural environments! Especially the sky high mountain ranges are where nature looks in its full! So for all the nature lovers, presenting here the smartest ever pallet wood crafts, the precious DIY pallet dresser inspired of majestic mountain range and it reflects it also beautifully! Custom cut pieces of pallet wood slats have been incorporated to build the random mountain peaks, painted in white!

By changing the alignments of pallet slats from straight to diagonal the mountain range has been mimicked beautifully! Rest of upper part of the dresser has been made beautifully by packing tight the planks of pallets vertically! There are several drawers built in the dresser to provide ample storage space, some of them also come in built-in mountain range! This eye-captivating model of dresser would have a strong natural impact on the overall beauty of you interior modern environments!

recycled pallet dresser inspired of mountain range

DIY Wooden Pallet Kitchen Island

Wood Pallet TV Stand or Entertainment Center

We have intended here to please the rustic lovers here with a fetching a pallet wood furniture craft! The item we are with here, will get much more from your side than just the appreciation! Praise the pallet wood creativity by looking at the glam features of this hand-built DIY pallet TV stand or entertainment center, ready to go as centerpiece in any media or living room! Designs gets worthier due to elegance of sides and borders that has all been built-in precision!

Storage features are extra brilliant, there is a slim longer cubby just underside the top that would be all friendly to store the DVD players and other items of this kind! Moreover, there are 2 more built-in cubbies for convenient storage of your media items with a beautiful display! Finally there are 2 secret compartments built to each side that will be perfect to store the items you don’t want to display! Side compartments come with hinged doors that guarantee to keep the stored items dust-free till their time of use!

recycled pallet entertainment center