Pallet Chest of Drawers

With a lot of drawers and the top shelf the chest of drawers is one of the best solutions one can ever find for the storage problems in his house. Here we offer u a design that would make you drool over it for its utter gorgeousness, style and beauty. So hold your breath and take a look at this DIY pallet chest of drawers that you can make yourself at home with a bunch of the recycled pallets and your favorite tool kit.

With six drawers and two storage boxes at the base you can house all your tiny but needy stuff like socks, underwear and other things like this that can get lost in the cupboard. More sundry items like makeup, jewelry and more of these kind things can be housed well if you are using it as a drawer in the bedroom with a mirror on it.

It can also fit in a hall or living room with the same storage and organization purpose if you already have nice dresser in the bedroom space. Staining is your choice to make it apt according to the decor and style of your spaces.

diy pallet chest of drawers

This chest of drawers is made from the recycled pallets to let you enjoy a nice and efficient storage console piece in nay of the spaces.

rustic pallet chest of drawers

The chest of drawer with a mirror on the turn would turn into a gorgeous dresser for your bedroom to let you get readay in front of.

pallet chest of drawers

Pallet wood having been cut into the planks and boards has been used to shape this lovely dresser with a bunch of drawers and wide top.

Keep it unstained to enjoy the rustic and natural look of the dresser making it lo

wooden pallet chest of drawers

ok really a traditional kind of furniture piece.

Made by David Hoad

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