The Winter’s Sun Rustic Pallet Headboard

Seeing the rising sun is the best way to enjoy the morning! However, there are many people among us who do not live in the areas where nature looks so close, like living among the mountains and in the village! In the populated big cities, it is too difficult to enjoy the sun rise with its pure natural sensation! But you can now enjoy the faux sunrise in your bedroom that would be very close to real! Feel a happy good morning by seeing this winter’s sun rustic pallet headboard in your bedroom!

The real pallet furniture and inspiration for the nature lovers! Try this entire headboard or buy from Lost Lake Photography with pure natural statements of decors, by playing creatively with slats of pallets! Show semi pallet-made circle as sun and the custom cut long pallets around it as sun rays! Here dark stained and white painted pallet slats have been used to mimic the beautiful sun rays! Final step would the accent side trimming, just put a stable and thick border around your entire sun-rise headboard and enjoy!

reclaimed pallet sunrise rustic headboard

repurposed wooden pallet winter's sun headboard

recycled pallet winter sun headboard

Made By LostLakePhotography – Great work

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