DIY Pallet Side Table for Outdoor

Either you are lounging under the sun, reading your favorite book in the patio or just staring at the beauty of your garden a side table can work really functionally getting beside your lounger or chair. And you can avail a well designed and efficient side table at zero cost bringing in use the repurposed pallets in your surroundings. You can pick up this DIY pallet side table for outdoors to build as this table is so simply gorgeous in design and immense easy to work upon.

Using the cut out pallet slats the standing support and the top has been built with simple nail stacking method. The brown stain finish gives it a traditional rustic look that would go too well with your outdoor decor. A coat of oil protection is also provided to this side table to save it from the damaging UV rays and last longer to serve you for decades.

diy pallet outdoor side table

This side table from pallets can serve a big functional role when you are relaxing in the outdoors and want some stuff near you.

wooden pallet outdoor side table

The side table comes with a simple design that you can copy at home using the cut out pieces of pallet slats quite feasibly.

pallet outdoor side table

As the table is to be used outside of the house so make sure it saved from the weather wear and tears by providing it a protectetive oil coat.

Made by: Recycled wood creations by Mike on Facebook

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