Rustic Pallet Centerpiece / Decorative Box

Pallets are not the furniture gain of the house they can be used for the decorative possessions of the house too so that you can enjoy beauty and functionality at the same time. And one of such decorative piece is right here with us so check out this pallet centerpiece or decorative box made nice and easily at home. Either you need a centerpiece for your dinner party, festive decor for the shelves or mantles this decorative box is surely fulfilling all these decorative needs. Using pallet cut slat pieces and shape up this rectangular shape sleek in design box using the nails.

Flowers, candles, candle votive you can hold all the fancy embellishing stuff in this lovely box and make it a proud part of your home decor. Keep it rustic so that it looks that natural and warm with utmost woody appeal bringing rustic vibes in your homey sections. You can make as many as to fill up the dining table centers, shelves, mantles and even the side tables gracefully.

Pallet Centerpiece

diy pallet decorative box

wooden pallet decorative box

pallet decorative box

awesome pallet decorative boxYou can also purchase one for like this – Made by: RusticWoodWorks1

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