DIY Pallet Bench with Flower Box for Corner

Here we are going to show that how you can get beauty and sitting space for your home at one place! All you need is to get this DIY pallet bench with L-shape flower box which would be delightful addition to any corner of your home open spaces! First of all, the deep L-shape wooden box has been designed with finely separated pallet slats, that is going to be planter box! Finally the far apart sides of this L-shape planter box have been connected through an extra triangular seat, that turns the entire planter box into a beautiful bench!

So, if you need a planter box and a bench for your garden or open terrace space, then this handmade flower box bench would be all-in-one solution! Bring a lot of precision in your work by going with accurate fittings of pallet lengths, neat filling of pallet slats and sharp cuttings of pallet slats! This is here a highly genius pallet idea for home lovers so do add it in your to-do list of weekend projects!

DIY rustic pallet corner planter bench

hand-built rustic pallet corner planter bench

rustic pallet corner planter bench

Made By CastYourPallet on Etsy

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