Wood Pallet Coat Rack

In winters the clothing layers are too much to keep us safe from the cold like coats, caps, scarves etc. but all these layering of clothes on our body is only for our outdoor trips and we get rid of them as soon as we enter the houses. And if you don’t have a perfect space to organize your coats and scarves on you will surely end up having a cluttered house. So grab some pallets and make this DIY pallet coat rack and organize all you coats, caps, scarves on it so that you don’t lose any of them while going out of the house in the dead cold winters.

You don’t need a bundle of the stuff to make this coat rack just a pallet board and few metal hooks and your job is done. You have to cut the pallet board of custom size and attach the hooks on it with nails or screws.

Pallet Coat Rack

You can mount it on the walls of your entrance or in the hall using nails or back hooks and it would look great with its simple and rustic attire.-

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