DIY Pallet Wall Paneling / Wall cladding

There are lots of ways to use pallets for the beautification and decoration of your house other than raising furniture pieces out of it. And of these such decor sprucing ideas is right here with and we are sure you would love it immense. This is DIY pallet wall paneling or wall cladding to invoke some natural warmth and beauty and that too in perfect stylish way. Just grab a pile of pallets as this paneling task requires lots of pallet planks if you want to do it in all of your homey sections. Break down the pallets and get the separated planks or slat pieces out of them to stack them on walls horizontally using nails starting from the floor base to roof height.

Hall, living, lounge, bedroom all the walls can be filled up with pallets to elevate the look of your house from boring to “wow”. You can hang clocks, picture frames, TV screens so feasibly on these pallet wood walls and enjoy a chic style decor at no cost at all. Staining the the cladding with brown stain has added more rusticity and natural flair to these lovely wooden walls.

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wooden pallet wall cladding

pallet wall cladding

Re-purposed pallet wall paneling

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pallet wall paneling on living walls

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Recycled pallet wall paneling

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