DIY Round Shape Pallet Clock

A house has lots of walls and to fill them up decoratively can be really a hard working expensive task. Especially the hall walls, bedroom walls, foyer walls and the walls of the living room are like compulsory to be embellished with the artifacts, hangings, frames and any such decorative stuff. Using the pallets you can create a variety of the decor piece for each of your walls and let them make gorgeous style statements. And something very delightful and functional is right here with us today that can instantly spruce up the wall beauty for sure.

This is DIY round shaped pallet clock to occupy a imminent place on the walls of the house as an artistic decor piece. Not only you would be reviving the clock hanging tradition but also enjoying some natural wooden vibes in your home decor which is lacking in most of modern decor types. All you need to do is just cut out the feasible pallet projects and stack them together and trim them into a perfectly round circle using a fast saw. The brown stain hue makes it more rustic and full of warmth thus creating a pure visual delight.

pallet clock

Make your walls look simply stunning and gorgeous with this pallet made rustic round shaped clock being mounted on it.

wooden pallet clock

This lovely pallet wall clock is round in shape and huge in size that makes it look really big in magnitude and dominating the wall decor completely.

rustic pallet clock

Just stack the pallet pieces together and trim them down in the center and from the outer edges and this clock would be ready.

diy pallet clock

Lately carve or stencil the digits, fix the hands in the center and make it stained in light brown shade for that perfect rustic appearance.

Pallet Clock

Made by Pallet Art UK

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