DIY Pallet Nightstand with Drawers

When pallets are around and you can do well with pallet furniture crafting then there are like endless options for your home to get furnished, decorated and embellished with. Even if you are not in need of any of these things you can simply replace the old ones with the fresh and up to date pieces and thus maintain the trendy look of your home sweet home. Like for the bedroom you can make this DIY pallet nightstand with drawers to be the stylish part of your bedroom decor with a touch of elegance in style.

The simple design would be easy to hack at home resembling a cute small box structure. Pallet cut slat pieces have been tightly stacked to each other to shape up this lovely night stand with three small drawers at front. You can hold your clocks, phones, and frames on the top and house your knick knack stuff like medicines, notepads, pencils etc in the drawers. The rich brown color makes it really a rustic piece that would bring a natural warm and natural charm in your bedroom decor.

cute pallet nightstand

No need to spend a lot of money on the renovation of your bedroom decor just get this pallet nightstand and enjoy a stylish change in the decor.

wooden pallet nightstand

This lovely and cute night stand has been simply made in a box style using the compact stacking of the pallet slat pieces.

pallet nightstand

It has been provided with three drawers at front so that you can enjoy some storage options too for your knick knack stuff too.

diy pallet nightstand

The more interesting features have been added more by getting it stained in brown and adding wheels at the end of it.

Made by EcoDesign by Sé Verde

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