Wood Pallet Shelf with Hand Painted

Shelves are one of the common things we bring in use to cut the clutter of the house. The wall mounted shelves are the foremost priority of the homey persons as they don’t take up space and are easy to use as well. We would here like to suggest you some imaginative approach for the wall shelves to make them look decorative too. if the shelves would be gorgeous they would not only hold your knick knack stuff but also add a lot to the wall decor and beauty. And this hand painted wood pallet shelf totally falls into that category of the shelves we are talking about. Having a first glance over it a crafting person can tell how easy and feasible it is to build at home you with only four pallet decorative piece.

It has been stained dark in mahogany shade with lovely flower being hand painted on it and making it looks a pure fancy piece for the proud attachment on your home walls.

diy pallet cute shelf

wooden pallet cute shelf

lovely pallet shelf

awesome pallet wall shelf

pallet cute shelf
Made by: WaterDanceStudios

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