Multi Colored DIY Pallet Coffee Mug Rack / Shelf

Most of us have our kitchens loaded with the coffee mugs for two reasons. One is we are too much in love with the lovely coffee table shapes and designs and buy one at every market visit. Second is these cute mugs are one of the most exchanged gifts for family and friends. But the question arises how to store them all? Locking them up in the kitchen cabinet is not the good idea at all. Here we have this DIY pallet coffee mug rack or shelf with which you can not only organize your lovely mugs but also make them nicely display.

The rack has been built with pallets to shape up the main board and the one holding shelf at front. A set of four metal hooks has been screwed below the shelf to hold the mugs nice and easily. So you have a shelf to display your adorable sharpie, painted or stenciled mugs and the hooks to hang them in a cool fun way.

DIY Pallet Coffee Mug Rack

The metal hook section is in black but the pallet section of this pallet mug rack has been stained in light but multiple stain hues making it look really a stylishly elegant piece.

handmade pallet coffee mug rack

Here is this lovely coffee mug rack and shelf a double functional piece to add perfectly in your kitchen spaces on its walls.

gorgeous pallet coffee mug rack

This double functional rack and shelf for coffee mugs is made with the two things pallets and the metal set of hooks.

wooden pallet coffee mug rack

Using the pallet cut slat pieces the rare board and the front shelf has been made quite easily with stacking method.

diy pallet coffee mug rack

Here is how your lovely coffee mugs would look hanging and being displayed on the hooks and shelf respectively.

lovely pallet coffee mug rack
The lovely colors on the pallets makes it look really a vintage beauty piece to bring some fun vibes in your kitchen decor.

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